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Residential Soft Washing

Bo On The Go can clean the green off of your home, roof, deck, concrete, or anything else if you call today! Scroll down to see the process of soft washing.


Bo is an expert when it comes to siding no matter what it is. We’ll soft wash vinyl, composite, wood, brick, stone, aluminum, or any other type of siding and make it look like new


Even if there is a carpet of moss, we can bring life back into your roof. We allow our solution to do the heavy lifting which immediately removes dark streaks and kills moss. It may take some time for all the moss to fall off depending on rain fall. We do not power wash roofs to ensure the longevity of your roof as power washing would remove the fine pebble layer.

Before and After Immediate Treatment

Black streaks come off immediately while the moss is killed and turns white and will eventually fall off.



Bo can handle any type of deck and make sure every board and railing is free of dirt and grime.


Walkways, walls, pools, roads, and anything made of concrete or asphalt will look like it had just been pored when we’re finished pressure washing.


Have something that wasn’t listed? Just about anything can be soft washed such as smaller buildings, statues, propane tanks, or RVs. Give a call today and we’ll see how we can help.

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